college-libraryMany schools, universities and colleges have come to see their air-conditioning system as a significant contributor to the comfort of students and staff.

An optimal teaching environment

Air-conditioning benefits an educational establishment in particular.  More electronic equipment than ever is used on a daily basis by students, as well as staff, so rooms have increased ambient heat levels in summer.

Observation of the relationship between concentration and ‘results achieved’ under a variety of different working conditions make it clear that consistent, comfortable temperatures and humidity levels seem to result in better performance and concentration, while reducing frustration and listlessness.  Obviously in schools, this can be a big help, especially during summer exam times.

abi uses the most competent technicians and air-conditioning designers in consultation with you to decide on the right manufacturer and equipment to suit your temperature control needs.

Once we have an agreed plan for your air-conditioning and heating we can offer a complete solution.  We can efficiently install the equipment you have chosen, keep it well serviced and carry out any maintenance or repairs required in the future.  We pride ourselves on being highly responsive as well as taking great care to ensure new air-conditioning and heating installations meet the needs of your students and staff.

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