We frequently install Toshiba air conditioning units in offices and other commercial environments throughout central England.   Some of their videos (below) shows how their plant can be applied to large buildings. Toshiba offers some very efficient & effective ac systems.

Toshiba Air Conditioning Systems UK

Some of the long Term Benefits of Toshiba Air Conditioning Equipment

  • Ceiling Units which deliver larger air volumes (up to 38%)
  • Redesigns focused on lower power consumption and reduced noise
  • Turbulence prevention allows air flow to reach right to the bottom of the floor
  • Series 7 Self-cleaning functions reduce need for servicing and help maintain performance
  • Ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels and other settings requiring whisper-quiet operation
  • Lightweight condensing units can be installed one on top of another, saving space

The understanding you will gain from watching this video:

  • How Toshiba’s super-modular multi-system delivers greater energy efficiency, comfort and reliability for large buildings.
  • How to save up to 40% space compared to many other units.
  • Design principles used to minimise energy consumption whilst maximising performance.
  • Accommodate up to 48 indoor units on a single refrigerant system with up to 235m length piping