Refcom F-Gas CertificationWhy you need to use a company with F-Gas Full certification?

Refrigeration and heat pump equipment must be properly installed, sealed and charged to provide consistent and safe operaton.  Improperly built and fitted equipment could endanger your property and anyone within it.

It is a criminal offence for a service provider to carry out any installation or maintenance work involving air conditioning, stationary refrigeration or heat pump equipment containing or designed to contain refrigerants without a company certificate.

It is a legal requirement because of the danger to your business and staff of badly installed Air Conditioning, Refrigeration or heat-pumps.  If you don’t use a certified HVAC company like abi to carry out air-conditioning and heating work, you could face serious legal consequences.

abi engineers are fully F-Gas certified to install and maintain all of your heating and cooling equipment safely, efficiently and legally.