Stulz air conditioning systems are manufactured to offer precise control of temperature and humidity for print processes, manufacturing, data halls and spaces requiring very close control of air in the production environment. We have found their equipment to be highly effective in retaining ideal conditions for clients’ sensitive technology.

This video gives you an insight into the innovations for datacentres provided by Stulz:

The understanding you will gain from watching this video:

  • How using water-side economizers help you to make savings and economise on energy consumption
  • Intelligent supervisor systems help to create energy savings within your data centre

commercial climate controlled offsetprinting environmentEnergy Efficiency

As you would expect energy efficiency savings remain a key focus for Stulz in their research and development.

They have created various innovations to combat the fact that in many cases air conditioning has been found to use half of the electricity consumed by the entire data centre it is required to cool.

Stulz currently produce the highest capacity computer room air handler in the industry!

Their precision systems have been found to reduce the costs associated with powering air conditioning systems by up to 40%.

Significant reductions in electricity costs can free up investment capital for further, more innovative hardware investments.