Robust, preventative maintenance plans

Having a pre-determined, regular servicing plan helps save money as well as ensure comfortable working conditions.  It helps to identify any equipment which may be likely to malfunction. ABI offer comprehensive service & maintenance plans.

This means that your air conditioning or HVAC system does not operate inefficiently over an extended period of time.

What is included in my Service & Maintenance plan?

Each air conditioning service plan is tailor made to suit your organisations equipment and operational needs.

air conditioning service and repair by ABI

However you can expect maintenance to include sensor calibration with inspection and testing of end devices, checks to be carried out on refrigerant type and weight, appropriate cleaning, filter changes and testing for leaks throughout the system.

We use our in-depth knowledge of the type of system you have in situ (whether or not we have installed it ourselves) to make sure the most effective plan is implemented.

Servicing Air Conditioning Equipment Across The UK

We carry out air conditioning servicing in all types of industrial and commercial premises, offices, public sector buildings, places of worship and educational institutions.

We can provide maintenance contracts to FM and commercial property managers in addition to end-user clients.

The Importance Of Servicing & Maintenance

Air conditioning servicing & maintenance contracts allow us to carry out specific checks & work to keep your system working efficiently.  Developing faults can be caught before damage occurs, causing system problems or a critical failure.

Without routine servicing & maintenance, it is unlikely that any problems will be revealed the unit fails.  Often, this will happen when the system is under heavy load i.e. when you need them most, causing greater inconvenience & expense.

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