Forensics refrigeration

forensic laboratory air conditioning

We have a number of years of experience in the maintenance of refrigeration equipment for forensic facilities. We can provide regular maintenance plans designed specifically for your facility. We can also provide a comprehensive repair service for your refrigeration equipment.

Bespoke Air Handling and Minimising Contaminants

At ABI we understand the need for consistent and clean air cooling solutions and heating.  As well as precise control of temperature your facility will no doubt benefit from the stability of humidity and air quality.   A controllable and efficient climate control solution helps you to maintain a clean, comfortable and safe environment not only for staff and sensitive equipment but also to avoid contamination or degradation of samples, specimens, chemicals and evidence.

The solutions we deploy for you are designed to cope with the amount of heat generated by the electronics and machinery your premises require as well as staff moving in, out and around.

Protecting the integrity of lab results

clinical air conditioningRemoving dust and debris from the air as it is heated or cooled requires optimal and consistent performance from your air cooling units. We are able to design systems which help to safeguard the integrity of your laboratory and its results.  Where specialist air handling design is required we can ensure levels of positive and negative pressure are achieved within a scientific, medical or forensic facilities.

Committed to excellence

We strive to bring you the best air conditioning, heating or air handling solution for your premises.  You can rest assured that our support service and maintenance is as enthusiastic, efficient and professional as our consultation and installation work.

You can trust ABI to deliver an efficient and controllable system to help keep working conditions suitable for clinical or scientific excellence, whatever the challenge.

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