Mitsubishi Electric produces a wide range of air conditioning units for all applications

M Series

These are wall mounted or floor air conditioning units which are ideal for cooling or heating small to medium sized applications. This range includes 1 to 1 split-systems which make use of wall or floor mounted indoor units. They also have multi-split systems that can connect between 2 to 8 indoor units from one outdoor unit.

Many models also make use of air filtering systems which improve air quality and help to reduce the prevalence of bacteria and viruses.

The series is designed to replace R22 systems without the need and expense of replacing existing pipe work.

Mr Slim

The ever popular Mr Slim range of air con units is one of the most popular in the UK. It is commonly installed in restaurants, shops and offices.

The range encompasses four way blow cassettes, ducted, wall, floor and ceiling mounted units.
Outdoor units can be used with single, twin, triple or quad indoor unit combination.

The power required by each Mr Slim unit is varied to match demand. As well as being visually discreet the Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim range is also amongst the quietest available.

Similar to the M Series, the Mr Slim range can also be fitted to replace R22 systems whilst making use of existing pipework. There is also no need to apply any special cleaning machines.

VRF Systems

Clients having the large scale VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) ‘City Multi Range’ fitted benefit from significant increases in seasonal energy efficiency, reduced running costs and lower CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency can be maximised by using the R410A City Multi outdoor units as heat pumps or heat recovery systems in air, ground or water source variants.

Up to 50 indoor units can be connected from just one outdoor unit. These units can include any required combination of cassettes, floor, wall, ducted or ceiling mounted a/c indoor units.


The Lossnay system has been tried, tested and enhanced over many years to combine waste energy recovery and the delivery of fresh air ventilation into buildings. This system has been applied in many schools and offices however it is equally effective in many different types of commercial and public sector buildings.

The units take stale air away from the building, recovering heat or cooling energy from this extracted air. This energy recovery can reduce initial capital costs on heating or cooling plant by up to 30%.

As poor air quality is believed to contribute towards reduced productivity, morale and increased sickness rates in employees enhancing air quality has become increasingly important to many organisations.

Mitsubishi Electric and reducing costs associated with R22 Replacement

The understanding you will gain from watching this video:

  • R22 Replacement solutions which make use of existing pipework and wiring to reduce costs
  • How older, non-compliant refrigerant is flushed completely from the system