operating theatre surgical hostpitalOperating theatres benefit from temperature control, perhaps more so than most working environments.  ABI air conditioning for operating theatres is designed to address the critical nature of the work carried out.  We understand that comfort is not the only consideration.

Safe Air Filtration For Operating Theatres

Surgical site infection is a leading complication of surgery.  While more than half of these infections are caused by contaminants on the skin of the patients (Journal of Hospital Infection 2002 51:79-84), filtering contaminants and pathogens from the operating theatre air is seen as an important precaution to avoid infection.

We design and install powerful air filtration systems such as HEPA filtration in conjunction with critical air handling units and ventilation equipment from companies such as VES.

Comfortable environments for medical personnel and patients

20077063_sA system from ABI delivers purified and temperature controlled air while removing any stale air or airborne particles.  We will be delighted to discuss any other special requirements you may have.

We can develop a ventilation and air handling solution to your exact requirements.

We are experienced in working in clinical environments requiring sensitive air handling including optimised air pressures, whether positive or negative.

Keeping hard-working staff comfortable whilst providing the safest possible conditions can help to boost results and confidence all round.