office_aircon_sMaintaining Comfort

Keeping your staff and clients comfortable is known to increase productivity and repeat business.  Most offices have a fair amount of electronic equipment, computers, coffee machines, etc. that can help to warm a facility when it is cold.  In summer you will want to keep the same facility cool enough to be comfortable for anybody using your premises – office air conditioning.

The right solution for you

abi has a track record of providing high-quality, air-conditioning and heating solutions for virtually any size of working space.  With practical, straightforward, and yet controllable equipment.  We can assure a reliable, comfortable and safe solution for your environment.

We source and install equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers to make the optimum system to suit your needs.  Air conditioning units from Toshiba, Daikin or Mitsubishi Electric are often used in offices, with plant from brands such as Airedale used for much larger spaces.

However we find out exactly what you need to achieve first and the range of solutions we can offer to businesses is extensive.

ABI offer Commercial Heating as well as Cooling Services

Virtually all modern office equipment produces some heat as a result of the electricity that it uses.  In cooler months, this can be handy as it helps to keep the office a little warmer than it would otherwise be. In warmer months, you may want office air conditioning to keep the office comfortable.

When it starts getting cold however, your staff will appreciate an effective commercial heating system to keep the chilly weather out.  You will appreciate the economical benefits of our efficient warm air heating systems too.  ABI engineers have the full skillset required to work on a wide variety of commercial heating and combined heating & cooling systems & office air conditioning systems.

Ongoing Support

With a routine maintenance and servicing schedule, our gas safe heating engineers ensure your heating system is well maintained and runs efficiently.

You can be sure that with ABI, your working conditions will be as consistent and pleasant as possible, whatever the weather.  Our technicians are only a phone call or email away!  Of course, if anything does go wrong with your heating systems, they will attend as quickly as possible to get things running smoothly again, however you choose to contact us.