councilComplex air handling requirements simplified

We appreciate that managing the air-conditioning and heating needs of the various buildings operated by a council can be a complicated and time-consuming task.

It can be quite a feat coordinating different departments often in different buildings, scheduling the time for air conditioning or heating servicing, maintenance, upgrades or new installations.

Experienced assistance

ABI have the technical staff and project management experience to make the process as simple as possible.  The last thing you need is a contractor adding complications to the mix.

Whether you require cooling or heating services for your main council buildings, offices or other council run services such as leisure facilities, libraries and museums, we can help you find the best balance of performance and budget to meet your needs.

It isn’t unusual for each department of the council to have completely different requirements and locations.  Often each will cater to different clients too, and this presents no problem!  The ABI team enjoy rising to the challenge presented by any air conditioning, heating and air management scenario and we will be delighted to hear from you.

Since the Merton rule became part of the UK’s national planning guidance and was adopted by many councils, ABI have been committed to ensuring we assist councils (or principle contractors employed by councils) in their requirements to abide by this rule when developing new facilities in excess of 1000sqm. The exact wording of the policy is as follows:

“The council will encourage the energy efficient design of buildings and their layout and orientation on site. All new non-residential developments above a threshold of 1,000sqm will be expected to incorporate renewable energy production equipment to provide at least 10% of predicted energy requirements…”

Practical, durable and compliant solutions

We aim to keep you updated on plant and equipment which can assist you in your compliance with guidelines such as the Merton rule when developing new sites.

Equipment such as the Remeha Quinta Eco Plus can help you to meet these objectives.

For example, Remeha Quinta Eco Plus equipment provides a super-efficient heating and hot water system for modern building owners and occupiers.  This video to the right (or below on mobile devices) gives more detail on this product.

Renewable Energy Production Equipment

It combines flue gas heat recovery technology and the efficiency of their Quinta boiler, pre-assembled and enclosed together.

This flue gas heat recovery system can assist with the Merton rule requirement to have renewable energy production equipment which contributes at least 10% of your buildings energy needs.

Flue gas heat recovery technology is now recognised within building regulations.

The boiler meets low carbon requirements for modern building owners and operators.   It constitutes some of the highest efficiency levels that have been achieved for heating and hot water technology. It is a ‘plug and go’, pre-planned, pre-wired system.

Its features include:

  • A BREEAM Excellent rating.
  • Recyclable materials.
  • Premix burner clean combustion.
  • High efficiency 100% NVC at 40/30 degrees.
  • Modular system – numerous modules can be added together for different building requirements.

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