We deliver tailor-made service contracts designed to ensure that you as employers are compliant with your safety and legal obligations whilst safeguarding the comfort of your people.

Your maintenance plan is developed to ensure your industrial or commercial gas heating and hot water systems run as efficiently as possible in terms of performance and running costs.

Complying with the law – Commercial gas appliance servicing and maintenance

Legal requirements state that one maintenance service should be carried out each year on gas equipment and appliances.  However energy efficiencies and cost benefits often exist where plant is serviced twice a year.

Hot water generation and distribution

Our heating engineers can service and maintain all aspects of commercial hot water systems including cylinder hot water.

We can also help you to comply with legislation guidelines on safe hot water temperatures, in relation to both scalding risk and legionella risk control.

Point of use temperature control

We can assist hospitals, schools, care of the elderly residential homes and businesses with safe water temperature control at point of use.

Thermostatic mixing valves can be used so that water temperatures at your site are cool enough to prevent scolding but hot enough to eliminate legionella.

Any employer has an obligation to ensure equipment which helps strike this balance is kept well maintained and in good working order for obvious safety reasons.

Striking the right balance with water temperature

How water temperatures affect the skin
65°C a partial thickness burn in about 2 seconds
60°C a partial thickness burn in about 5 seconds
55°C a partial thickness burn in about 15 seconds
50°C a partial thickness burn in about 90 seconds

How water temperatures affect Legionella
70°C to 80°C Disinfection range
66°C Legionella die within 2 minutes
60°C Legionella die within 32 minutes
55°C Legionella die within 5 to 6 hours
20°C to 45°C Legionella multiply
20°C & below Legionella are dormant

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