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Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioning:

Installation • Servicing & Maintenance • Repairs

  • Energy efficient air conditioning installations
  • Service & maintenance plans tailor made
  • Fast response repair service
  • Bespoke air handling solutions
office heating

Commercial & Industrial Heating:

Installation • Servicing & Maintenance • Repairs

  • Gas Safe commercial heating engineers
  • Hot water generation and distribution
  • Gas & oil fired heating, servicing and repair
  • Warm air equipment repairs and maintenance
data centre server rooms cooled by ABI-FE technology

Server Rooms & Data Centres

Offering reliable business air control:

  • Reliable and accurate air temperature control
  • Stabilise air humidity and purity
  • Increase efficiency and lifespan of equipment
  • Improve your green credentials
free air cooling

'Free Air Cooling'

Reduce costs & your carbon footprint.

  • Free cooling can operate for 95% of the year!
  • Combine free air cooling & A/C for a greener solution
  • Running costs drastically reduced
operating theatre surgical hospital

Bespoke Air Handling Solutions

Operating Theatres, Hospitals & Surgical Clinics

Safe, controllable, affordable:
  • Airborne pathogens rapidly removed
  • Surgical site infections & contamination reduced
  • Helps staff keep their cool in long procedures
  • Reliable and controllable equipment


abi provide energy efficient air conditioning, warm air heating and gas and oil fired heating maintenance throughout the UK.  We have highly experienced air conditioning technicians and Gas Safe Heating engineers ready to provide tailor-made servicing, maintenance and fast response repairs to bring comfort back to any industrial, commercial, clinical or public sector building.

cool-office-air-conditioningClients find our honest approach refreshing and reassuring.

All air conditioning system designs, installations and maintenance plans are developed with your specific needs in mind.

Our impartial, independent recommendations are based solely on what we consider to be right for your organisation.

Design & Installation

From initial planning through to commissioning plant we focus on delivering long term cooling and heating performance for your people and building.  This delivers on comfort, cost-efficiency and seasonal flexibility whilst satisfying or exceeding your environmental obligations.

Click here for more information on air conditioning installation and our bespoke design services for air handling systems.  You can also search our sectors section for more information specific to your operational field.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our experienced Refcom, F-Gas, A.C.R.I.B and Gas Safe engineers have handled almost every maintenance and repair issue known to occur with commercial air conditioning and heating.  They are highly trained and respond quickly, efficiently and with complete integrity.

Servicing that goes the extra mile

Our Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service engineers will endeavour to give you a better understanding of your cooling and heating equipment whenever it is possible and appropriate to do so.  We do this to ensure you get the best out of your equipment and so that you can minimise the risk of unnecessary expense, breakdowns or call-outs in the future.

Who we work for

abi work with a long list of regular clients from within the commercial & industrial, leisure, FM, healthcare, education and public sectors.  We are proud to carry out direct work for clients ranging from FTSE 100 corporates to local small to medium sized enterprises. We also provide services to facilities management companies and commercial property agents.

Get in touch

For more information, advice or to arrange a free quotation please call us on 01922 457 833 or email info@abi-fe.co.uk